About Pro T-Ink

Pro t-ink company was created by the union of two tattoo artists, Tamar Nanni e Antonio Proietti, who decided to join their knowledge and ideas to improve the tattoo technical-artistic sector.

Pro t-ink aim is to create innovative products to facilitate the tattoo work from the technical, hygienic and sanitary point of view.
EVO is an example of how to make the tattoo work station quick, easy and hygienic.

Pro t-ink does not only aim at creating an industrial item in itself, linked to production and distribution, but also it seeks to create and produce innovative tools envisaged for the tattoo world, based on one of the fundamental principles of the company, to work for the artists and with the artists.

The support of a team of tattoo artists, who offer their artistic expertise and knowledge to Pro t-ink, merges with Pro t-ink creative and innovative skills in order to create a useful and futurist product.

Evo proves to be an innovative, simple but ingenious product that revolutionizes the tattoo world.
It is the first of numerous ideas to be developed in the near future.

Tamar Nanni

“A remarkable change in the preparation of the tattoo workstation.”

Tamar Nanni

Antonio Proietti

“Evo is the new Tattoo Workstation designed with the artists for artists.”

Antonio Proietti

Pro t-ink Projects

Evo 10 workstation
Evo 24 workstation
Evo needles cartridge holder